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MRX Pros Workshop Series

Mapping the Customer Journey

Friday, September 30th 1 pm MT/ 3 pm ET

If you’ve ever developed a customer journey map, you likely discovered that everyone approaches mapping the customer journey differently. Some people use qualitative methods like user interviews, field studies, and diary studies. Others use quant surveys and data analysis. And still others combine all the above. Understanding your peers’ methods may help you improve yours, so in this workshop, we will explore customer journey mapping. Marilyn Heywood Paige (a serial marketing agency owner) will show you her “quick and dirty” method for mapping customer journeys. Her presentation will serve as a jumping-off point for group discussion and collaboration.

In this new monthly MRX Pros workshop series, we dive deeper into topics to enhance our professional development as well as facilitate more collaboration. Held on the last Friday of each month, these workshops will be one hour and feature a speaker or panel of speakers on a topic relevant to the MRX community. 


Market Researchers Lunch & Learn Series

Create Your Personal Social Media Strategy

Date and time in February 2023 TBA

Your digital persona is now merging with your in-person one. Still, many professionals struggle with posting on LinkedIn consistently. In this workshop, you will solve the "I don't know what to post on LinkedIn" dilemma once and for all. You will learn:

    How to identify your personal brand
    How to discover the topics your audience wants you to post about
    How to create a step-by-step posting plan for yourself
    Tools and hacks to make frequent posting easy

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