Looking for a Job? Do the Work That Needs Doing.

Three months into my job search, I was beyond discouraged. I was doing everything one is "supposed" to do but was still jobless. It wasn't until I stopped trying to get a job and started offering my skills that things turned around.


My First Marketing "Job" Was At 13

My passion for marketing started long before I even knew what marketing was. It began when I was 13 and produced a fashion show for a clothing retailer.


I Was Hired & Then The Company Ghosted Me

A company hired me and then ghosted me. It was the worst hiring experience of my life. But it led to one of the best interviews and career opportunities I ever had.


I Hosted Over 600 Events, This One Was the Most Unforgettable

I hosted over 600 author and community events at Barnes & Noble from 1996 to 2005. This one was the most unforgettable.


Ever Wonder What It's Like to Be On QVC?

From 2004 to 2008, I was the brand spokesperson for a company that presented its products on QVC. The world of TV home shopping is both brilliant and brutal.

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